Advertising Agencies in Dubai: Dynamic and Dedicated

Published: 10th January 2012
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Dubai with its ancient commercial and seafaring traditions has long been recognized as the Middle East region’s leading trading hub and has emerged as its key re-export centre. The advantages of the Dubai city rank it as the Arabian Gulf’s leading multipurpose business centre. The place today stands at forefront of the world’s dynamic and emerging market economies. It is therefore, no wonder that in such a prosperous local economy having trading links with more than 1.6 billion people all across the globe, Dubai is a regional hub for the advertising agencies too. It is said that marketing, product promotion and advertising, all go hand in hand and this perhaps is more obvious in Dubai than elsewhere.

Now, advertising has become a prestigious and serious business in Dubai. With a booming market scenario and consumer spending going up, the advertising agencies too have proportionately seen an exponential growth. The remarkable aspect about this vast industry of advertising agencies in Dubai is that it is an active part of the global business with many agencies having worldwide operations and actively catering to foreign clientele in their own language, customs and cultures.

The advancement in technology has affected the role of advertising agencies everywhere, including Dubai. With a choice of several media and communication devices – from newspapers and magazines to television, the various radio channels, the internet, mobile phones – everyone is now spoilt with unlimited choice. This has opened an array of avenues for the advertising companies.

Dynamic Action, Dedicated Service
Unlike earlier times, the advertising agencies have now expanded their many functions to different departments, all creations of recent years. Most agencies are now equipped with full-fledged sections such as the creative department, media planning, business development, direct marketing, DTP/ computer section, public relations and customer care and feedback.

What is remarkable is that all reputed and established advertising agencies in Dubai now operate according to the 360-degrees branding. The services of these agencies largely include print advertisements, TV advertisements, radio jingles, creating websites, web banners, direct marketing, e-mail marketing, telemarketing, designing packaging, outdoor promotion, and public relations.

Dubai’s economy has been kept open and free to attract investors and business. Government control and regulation of private sector activities are very few. Therefore in recent years Dubai has become a major area for a number of growing and profitable business and commercial activities. Accordingly the advertising agencies are much sought after for their expertise in various activities involving exhibitions, conferences and meetings; tourism and hospitality sector; banking, finance and insurance; business and industrial consulting; information and communication technology and, small and medium manufacturing.

Excellence in advertisements
Not only is a good advertisement appealing to the masses, it certainly does connect with its target audience. It is simple, direct and hard hitting. For this it has to be memorable and easy to recall. A good advertisement also provides the core information quickly and makes an impact on the potential buyer’s mind. And most important of all – it calls to viewers to make more enquiries on the product, either through internet search or by approaching the vendor or retailer. The quality of a good ad is thus reflected in its ability to convince, persuade and accept the product or the brand, resulting in its actual purchase. This talent of creating excellent ads is now seen in most reputed advertising agencies in Dubai.

The print ad
A good print ad has certain unique features; one, the image whether actual or photograph, or graphic or illustration should be provocative; second, the headline should be worded strongly and thirdly, it must contain a well written copy, not more than ten to fifteen sentences, well typo-graphed and attractively displayed. Effective print advertisement never bombards the reader with too much information. The company’s logo along with the contact addresses should be displayed towards the end of the advertisement.

The outdoor ad
The outdoor billboard ad should have a minimum number of words, five to six at the most and one clearly defined image of the product. A logo of the company or the brand should be displayed prominently in an outdoor advertisement.

Conveying the message within the timeline
In TV advertisement, the speed and quickness to make a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind is most crucial. For radio jingles and TV commercials the timeline is usually around half-a-minute. In case of print advertisements, the timeframe to make a mark on the reader is much lesser, usually five to ten seconds only. Therefore the power of the advertisement lies in arousing the viewer’s mind within this short span of time.

The importance of advertising in today’s world cannot be underestimated. It is one dynamic way to send across the product or service information to the large number of potential customers. Good advertising always leads to a sale which translates into profit for the exporter or company.

About the Author
This article has been written by George Smith for International Communication Services (ICS), one of the top advertising agencies in Dubai. ICS provides integrated advertising agency services that include Creative services, Content and Promotion services, online Internet media, multimedia services, on-road shows and events.

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