MBBS in China: Shaping Lives of Medical Aspirants

Published: 04th May 2011
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Doing an MBBS in China from some of the best Medical Colleges in China is fast becoming a prerogative of a successful medical career. More and more students each year are pursuing MBBS from medical colleges in China simply because of the vast array of opportunities that China as a medical education hub provides to its international students. Modern Medical education in china started during the last century. China since then has become a global player and a leader in Traditional medicine and medical education in the world. All the Universities offering MBBS in China are public and government funded universities. The main task of higher education and medical colleges in China is to train specialists for all the sectors of the country's development. Universities, colleges and institutes, which make up China's higher educational system, offer four- or five-year undergraduate programs as well as special two-or three year programs.

Drastic changes have occurred in medical education around the world off late. Medicine and medical technologies are developing rapidly and expanding beyond the multidisciplinary area. The needs of medical care and medical education are different even from those of several years ago.

Medical Education is a high demanding profession in India. This is due the fact that we have the second biggest population of the world. Medical education today has become a commodity of high net worth. So we should be bewaring of colleges proclaiming to offer high quality education. As per the statistics of WHO we are lagging far behind the Doctor Patient ratio. India Needs lots of doctors to compensate the growing population and the growing diseases. Lot of doctors is concentrate in the urban locations and rural areas are not having doctors. Due to the growth in the Economy in India the rural masses are getting wealthier and doctors have started moving to rural locations. So the opportunity is more in the most humane profession in the world.

But we need to know where we are going. Medical education in India has become costly which has led to Indian students looking for opportunities elsewhere in search for better avenues. As a result of this, China has emerged as a major destination for students seeking an MBBS degree. China has adopted the Indian curriculum and has also integrated the text books written by Indian authors along with text books from USA and UK. Some of the universities and medical colleges in China also provide their students with free coaching for screening test which passing of which has been made mandatory by the Indian government as the eligibility criteria for practicing in India. Assistance is also provided for United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) of USA and PLAB of UK. Students doing MBBS in China are eligible to practice in USA, UK and Europe after writing. Some of Medical colleges in China have established good exchange relation and cooperative relations with other universities, institutes and institutions of the world such as Japan , USA , England, France, Russia, South Korea, Canada etc.

As a result of all this, China attracts some of the best talents available in the world. Faculties are all highly experienced who have studied and worked in the past in places such as USA, UK and Europe. Moreover, almost all the medical colleges in China offering MBBS have students exchange program and faculty exchange program in place with universities from USA, UK and other countries which leads to the faculty members getting a good exposure to English program , English speaking students and International students.

Since private medical university fees are too expensive for the average Indian, the dream of becoming a doctor was only within the reach of the well-off until Chinese universities with low tuition fees threw open their doors to them. MBBS in China is economically feasible as compared to India as the fees charged for MBBS in China is comprehensively lower than India. Some medical universities in China charge as little as US$1,600 a year with the national average being US$2,000. Also, no capitation fees or donations are to be paid to the universities in China for securing admissions. The cost of education in the universities in China is highly regulated and subsidized by the Ministry of Public Health of the Chinese Govt. They are very reasonable in contrast to the other universities in India and abroad. The fee structure varies with each and every university but never goes beyond the reach of the common man. It may also be observed and noted that unlike in other universities in India and abroad, students need not appear for any entrance or pre-qualifying exams like CET (India), GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, etc. Most of the medical colleges in China and medical universities offering MBBS in China are recognized by the WHO and Medical Council of India and students passing out of these colleges and universities have to appear for a screening test before becoming eligible to practice in India.

MBBS courses are now offered with the medium of instruction in English. Evaluation of the performance of the student is designed in such a way that the progress of the student, in mastering the subjects included in the curriculum is monitored objectively and in great detail. The methods adopted by the medical colleges in China constitute comprehensive evaluation systems by which the knowledge and the skills of the specialist are brought to light and the qualification thus obtained then becomes highly authentic and valuable.

Most of the MBBS colleges and universities provide excellent hostel facilities and mess facilities. The food served is hygienic and if you do not have a liking for Chinese food, there are plenty of Indian restaurants available in China. The language spoken is Chinese, however English is fast catching up. Moreover, almost all the medical colleges in China now impart their medical education in English and a student really does not have to worry about the communication part as that is given utmost priority by the colleges and universities. To conclude, China offers vivid opportunities to one and all in the field of Medical education and is on the verge of becoming a global power to reckon with in the field of medical education.

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